If it's Quality, it's Mondric

Mondric Projects (Pty) Ltd. is a South African registered Black Youth growing engineering service provider. Our aim is to secure contracts to decrease the unemployment rate and give our clients quality.

The staffs as a matter of policy is usual recruited from the communities within the vicinity of the development of the client’s location. We believe this contributes to the development of communities and will therefore reduce crime and poverty in the regions we serve.



What We Value

Professionalism, Teamwork, Enjoyment, Flexibility, Diversity, Integrity, Empowering, Mutual Respect.

Our Mission

To create a business enterprise that will bring efficient services to previously disadvantaged communities.

Our Vision

Establish empowerment through economic participation, ensure quality and professional consultation.


Our pricing is market related at all times, pricing is also considered to be very well structured.

Establish empowerment through economic participation and ensure professional consultation to create jobs within the Republic.

The finest responsibility we have in the company is not to create dependency, but to encourage development and sustainability. Our vision is to create an entity that will not only be profitable to its members, but also take part in the main stream of the Republic of South African with a view to expanding our operations to neighboring states.

We attribute our success to our:
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Mission

Social Responsibility

...The finest responsibility we have in the company is not to create dependency but to encourage development and sustainability...


Old Logo
Mondric Projects (Pty) Ltd.

The memories of the old logo will always live, reminiscing the beginner days, the challenges we faced on minute by minute basis, yet, the old, should make way for the new.

New Logo
Mondric Projects (Pty) Ltd.

We have changed our logo, but not our Passion. It’s been a long process but we’ve done it. We are happy to finally showcase it and will slowly start to adopt it over time.